South of Yanille bank

South of Yanille bank. Behind the house with an anvil, by the tree. Remember to bring; A shovel (or right click your clue scroll  – dig, if you have a spade in your toolbelt)

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Just south of the Wizard’s tower

Just south of the Wizard’s tower, south of Draynor Village. Dig near the fairy ring (D-I-S), directly in front of the tower window (or just north of the fern).

In West Ardougne

In West Ardougne, dig inside one of the destroyed buildings. It is in the northwest corner of the most eastern of the three destroyed housing buildings in the southwest area of West Ardougne. Head due west from the main gate and you’ll get to the buildings.

South-west of Varrock, near the mining spot

South-west of Varrock, near the mining spot where players often gather clay. This area did not originally have a bridge. This map was eventually updated to reflect this, players may still be unaware of this bridge if they do not travel in the Lumbridge area often.