RuneScape Treasure Trails Gets a facelift

It’s been a long time coming, and it’s finally here; The new face of RSTT.

Thanks to the lovely design work from Concept, we’ve brushed up on the site, giving it a much cleaner look, and a much simpler user interface.

Along with this, we’ve also found our selves featured in SwiftKit, being picked as the go-to provider for treasure trail details when seeking help through the client.


With the new site, some changes have been made, we’ve disabled user accounts (for now! but all your records are still here, we just wish to focus primarily on providing the best details before we open up the user section properly), and we’ve also upgraded the back end of our systems.

One of the new features implemented, is the possibility of bilingual content, allowing us to serve up clues in your native language (If you are interested in providing translations in your language please drop us a line in the feedback form).